David Pynadath, Paul Rosenbloom and Stacy Marsella: “Modeling Two-player Games in the Sigma Graphical Cognitive Architecture”

August 1, 2013 | Beijing, China

Speaker: David Pynadath, Paul Rosenbloom and Stacy Marsella
Host: Conference on Artificial General Intelligence

Abstract: Effective social interaction and, in particular, a Theory of Mind are critical components of human intelligence, allowing us to form beliefs about other people, generate expectations about their behavior, and use those expectations to inform our own decision-making. This article presents an investigation into methods for realizing Theory of Mind within Sigma, a graphical cognitive architecture. By extending the architecture to capture independent decisions and problem-solving for multiple agents, we implemented Sigma models of several canonical examples from game theory. We show that the resulting Sigma agents can capture the same behaviors prescribed by equilibrium solutions.