David Krum: “The Isolated Practitioner”

April 11, 2010 | Atlanta, GA

Speaker: David Krum, ICT
Host: CHI2010 Workshop: Researcher-Practitioner Interact

Over the past few decades, a community of researchers and professionals has been advancing the art and science of interaction design. Unfortunately, many practitioners are isolated from this community. We feel that the lack of a relationship between these isolated practitioners and the human-computer interaction community is one of the greater challenges in improving the overall quality of interaction design in the products and services used by our society. In this position paper, we describe how this isolation arises. We then propose ways to improve the connection between the HCI community and these isolated practitioners. These include early HCI instruction in the undergraduate curriculum, establishing HCI certificate programs, utilizing new media to summarize and disseminate important HCI results, highlighting accomplishments in interaction design, and performing other forms of outreach.