Celso de Melo, Jonathan Gratch: “Expression of Emotions using Wrinkles, Blushing, Sweating and Tears”

September 14, 2009 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Speaker: Celso de Melo, Jonathan Gratch
Host: Intelligent Virtual Agents 2009

Wrinkles, blushing, sweating and tears are physiological manifestations of emotions in humans. Therefore, the simulation of these phenomena is important for the goal of building believable virtual humans which interact naturally and effectively with humans. This paper describes a real-time model for the simulation of wrinkles, blushing, sweating and tears. A study is also conducted to assess the influence of the model on the perception of surprise, sadness, anger, shame, pride and fear. The study follows a repeated-measures design where subjects compare how well is each emotion expressed by virtual humans with or without these phenomena. The results reveal a significant positive effect on the perception of surprise, sadness, anger, shame and fear. The relevance of these results is discussed for the fields of virtual humans and expression of emotions.