Bill Swartout: “Let Me Tell You a Story”

June 27, 2011 | Banff, Alberta

Speaker: Bill Swartout
Host: Sixth International Conference on Knowledge Capture

Stories are a fundamental means through which we learn and share experiences. At the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, stories are the backbone behind a wide variety of simulated experiences that we create to educate and train skills in leadership, negotiation, cultural awareness and negotiation. These experiences range from filmed dramatizations of case studies to fully interactive experiences with virtual humans set in virtual worlds. But authoring these stories and constructing the knowledge structures, such as language and dialogue models, needed to support their use in our simulations is a highly labor intensive task. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the stories are authentic and reflect current realities, which may require access to outside subject matter experts if the stories are developed in-house. In this talk I will present work we have been pursuing at the ICT to use data-driven methods to gather stories from the web and other sources and incorporate them into simulations. This work consists of several efforts which taken together, hold the promise of providing more authentic experiences while at the same time reducing the modeling and knowledge base construction effort required to support them.