Belinda Lange: “Harness the Tech Behind the Kinect: Achievements and Challenges in the Implementation of the Microsoft Kinect Technology into Game-based Rehabilitation Applications”

May 18, 2011 | Boston, MA

Speaker: Belinda Lange
Host: Games for Health

This presentation will describe initial user testing of game-based rehabilitation applications that use the Kinect sensor. Within the Medical VR Group Motor Rehabilitation Lab at the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), we have been addressing the challenge for creating low cost home-based video game systems for motor assessment and rehabilitation. The most recent application we have been developing leverages the technology of the Microsoft Kinect 3D depth-sensing camera. We have developed a flexible framework that allows for integration of the 3D depth sensing technology of the PrimeSense camera or the Microsoft Kinect with associated software to drive any PC-based computer game through tracking of the full body skeleton without any markers. This allows the user to control a virtual character on the screen that directly represents their movements in the real world. The application requires only the 3D depth sensing camera and USB connection to a PC. The current prototypes are focused on static balance training and upper limb exercises. The game can be tailored to the player�s level of reach in order to provide the appropriate level of challenge. Game scores and performance data are saved to the computer and can be analyzed following the completion of the session. The technology and prototypes will be presented and the achievements and challenges associated with the implementation of these game-based prototypes within the clinical setting will be presented and discussed.