Belinda Lange and Sebastian Koenig: “Using Technology to Enhance Clinical Practice: What Rehabilitation Psychologists Need to Know”

February 24, 2013 | Jacksonville, FL

Speaker: Belinda Lange and Sebastian Koenig
Host: Rehabilitation Psychology Conference

The 15th Annual Rehabilitation Psychology Conference is sponsored by the American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology and the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology of the American Psychological Association.

As the annual continuing education program for rehabilitation psychology, presenters and attendees represent national experts in their field. During a full-day preconference attendees are presented with the latest advances in technology-based products, including mobile applications, games, virtual reality, simulations, web-based interventions and telehealth interventions. The purpose of this event is to increase awareness and utilization of technology and virtual reality applications by rehabilitation psychologists.

Belinda Lange, Ph.D., discussed a range of virtual reality and gaming technologies that can be used in the clinic and home setting, including her recent work using virtual reality for cognitive assessment and utilizing the Microsoft Kinect for clinic and home-based rehabilitation.

Sebastian Koenig, Ph.D., spoke about the design, development and evaluation of virtual reality neuropsychology tools, with a focus on the process and interdisciplinary team communication to create these tools. This presentation highlighed USC ICT’s projects VRCPAT, Bravemind and STRIVE as successful examples of such a collaborative approach.

Lange and Koenig also joined a panel of interdisciplinary experts to discuss potential barriers to adoption of these technologies in the clinical and home setting.

Belinda’s virtual reality game-based rehabilitation was featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Watch video highlights below.