Talk at ICT: Douglas Van Praet – The Cognitive Science of Effective Brand Narratives

September 12, 2013

Please join us next Thursday September 12 at 2pm in the large 2nd floor Amphitheater for a special talk by a luminary of the Los Angeles marketing industry, Douglas Van Praet.

Title: The Cognitive Science of Effective Brand Narratives
When: Thursday September 12 at 2pm
Where: ICT large 2nd floor theater

Storytelling has been the way in which shared information and culture since the dawn of humanity. For hundreds of thousands of years we sat around campfires as hunter-gatherers telling and sharing stories. But applying storytelling to brands and markets is the latest frontier in effective communication in today’s emerging new media environments.
Here author and brand strategist, Douglas Van Praet will take you through a step-by-step process to find and craft a brand message that will move people at the deepest, most fundamental levels. Drawing upon the principles of his recent book, Unconscious Branding, and the latest research in behavioral science you will learn how some of the most successful marketing campaigns in history have succeeded by leveraging human not just consumer insights.

Speaker bio:
Douglas Van Praet is the author of Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing. He is also a brand strategy consultant whose approach to marketing draws from unconscious behaviorism and applies neurobiology, evolutionary psychology and behavioral economics to business problems. He has helped some of the world’s most iconic brands produce effective, award-winning campaigns and product launches.
Most recently, Van Praet was executive vice president at Deutsch LA, where his responsibilities included Group Planning Director for the highly acclaimed Volkswagen account where he helped VW attain the highest market share stateside in three decades. These efforts included the wildly successful and beloved: “The Force/Mini‐Darth Vader” commercial, the most shared ad in Super Bowl history.
His work is featured in international media such as Fast Company, Psychology Today, Business Insider, UK Telegraph, BBC News and Contagious Magazine.

RSVP: Non-ICT staff interested in attending should email