Pedro A. Gonzalez Calero: “Engineering Case-Based Reasoning Systems in jCOLIBRI”

September 11, 2007 | USC ICT

Speaker: Pedro A. Gonzalez Calero

CBR has been proposed as a knowledge light methodology for building knowledge-based systems where problem solving is accomplished by reusing past experiences instead of reasoning on declarative domain models. Knowledge acquisition effort is greatly alleviated, assumi that acquiring cases is easier than acquiring domain models, what is mainly true in poorly understood and evolving domains. In this talk I will present cost-effective solutions to inject knowledge into CBR systems, empowering CBR knowledge-light approaches with off-the-shelf knowledge components, i.e. domain ontologies. I will show how these techniques have been incorporated into jCOLIBRI, an open source framework in Java for building CBR systems, and will run a short tutorial on building different types of CBR applications with the framework.

Pedro A. González-Calero is Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, where he is the founder and director of the Group for Artificial Intelligence Applications (, and director of the Master of Videogame Development since its creation in 2004. He has developed his whole career in the University of Madrid where he obtained a BS on Physics in 1990 and his PhD in Computer Science in 1997 while assuming teaching duties in the Faculty of Informatics since its creation in 1991. His research has focused on the confluence of software engineering and artificial intelligence and he is author of over 70 reviewed journal and conference proceedings articles on knowledge-based software engineering, software reuse and case-based reasoning. He is currently spending on a one year sabbatical at ISI.