Lisa Holt and Brian Stensrud: “Interactive Story Architecture for Training (ISAT)”

March 27, 2007 | USC ICT

Speaker: Lisa Holt and Brian Stensrud

The Interactive Story Architecture for Training (ISAT) is designed to create
an engaging and individualized training environment. ISAT combines
interactive drama and intelligent tutoring techniques to improve the
effectiveness of simulation-based training. Interactive story provides an
engaging and realistic experience while intelligent tutoring adapts the
experience to individual trainee needs and maintains a focus on training
goals. The combined ISAT approach provides benefits without interrupting the
immersive simulation-based experience. The central component of the ISAT
architecture is an intelligent director agent. The director monitors the
trainee’s demonstration of knowledge and skills during the training
experience. Using that information, the director plays a role similar to that
of a schoolhouse trainer, customizing training scenarios to meet individual
trainee needs. The director can react to trainee actions within a scenario,
dynamically adapting the environment to the learning needs of trainee or to
suit the dramatic needs of the scene. Another central goal of ISAT is to
facilitate the encoding of training content by a non-programmer. Scribe, the
story authoring component of ISAT, allows the author to manipulate a simple
representation to encode logical event sequences and training content. In
this presentation we will describe the current state of the ISAT director and
Scribe, and demonstrate our current instantiation in the Tactical Combat
Casualty Care (TC3) simulation-based training system. We will also discuss
current efforts to create a visualization component to expose the
functionality of ISAT. Finally we will outline some current and planned
efforts to enhance and extend ISAT.