Jonathan Gratch: “Research Workshop: Virtual Human Toolkit”

September 24, 2008 | USC ICT

Speaker: Jonathan Gratch

The Institute for Creative Technologies is organizing a small, invitation-only “Virtual Human School”, intended for graduate students, junior researchers and Army personnel. It is designed to provide a broad overview of relevant theories and practical tools needed to construct graphically-embodied conversational agents.

The workshop will consist of a set of lectures by leading researchers at the University of Southern California on speech and gesture recognition, dialogue management, emotional modeling and multi-modal behavior generation. It will also provide hands-on experience with a virtual human toolkit consisting of a variety of currently available tools for the construction of virtual interactive characters.

Subjects that will be covered include automated speech recognition, natural language understanding, verbal and non-verbal behavior, procedural animation and gestures, cognitive modeling, ontologies, data management, and large system integration.