Jonathan Gratch: “Research Workshop: Transactional Emotions”

October 26, 2007 | USC ICT

Speaker: Jonathan Gratch

The Transactional Emotions Workshop brought together psychologists and technologists interested in “transactional emotions,” meaning those emotions that arise from an interaction between individuals. Discussion topics included theoretical constructs, empirical findings and technology that can assist in recognizing, classifying and synthesizing emotional behavior. Some of the participants are already involved in collaborations with ICT (Dr. Duncan, Dr. Carnevale, Dr. Movellan, Dr. Narayanan, Dr. Pynadath) and these were strengthened as a consequence of the meeting. The knowledge learned during the meeting will directly benefit ICT researchers involved with virtual human and emotion research. The meeting also helped raise ICT’s profile among a diverse and distinguished collection of researchers.

There are plans to publish a collection of papers from the meeting, either as a special issue of a journal or as a book.