Jacki Morie, Jeff Worth: “StoryBox Workshop””

February 12, 2009 | USC ICT

Speaker: Jackie Morie, Jeff Wirth

The StoryBox Workshop was held at ICT’s McConnell Facility, with Jeff Wirth, designer of the StoryBox format, several interactors from Orlando and Los Angeles, and a participant group of approximately 20 people. Jeff started the day with an introduction to interactive improvisation, and explained the specific differences between standard improvisation and the interactions designed for the StoryBox. The second half of the day Jeff and the interactors led several experiences in the StoryBox with participants in the role of the spectactor. Each session was followed by a lively discussion. On day two the group was trained in specific interactor improv techniques in the morning session, after which everyone (in small groups) brainstormed some story questions that could be applied to the StoryBox approach. These ideas were then implemented in the StoryBox, again followed by a very lively set of discussions.Following the workshop, a social networking site was established for posting of videos and continued discussion among the group members.