TRADOC Workshops

INCOPD ALC2015 Immersive Training Workshop

June 7-8 2011 | USC ICT

Conference Website: INCOPD ALC2015 Immersive Training Workshop

The purpose of the immersive training program is to introduce Army trainers to engaging and relevant instructional technologies such as highly realistic, interactive games and video-based scenarios, and to consider how such games and scenarios can be incorporated into distance learning (DL) and other technology-based courseware. All workshops, seminars, and classes will remain grounded in evidence-based instructional design principles that require the use of best practices to drive the development of training technologies. There is no doubt that such strategies can strengthen DL by helping Army trainers transition from traditional lecture/slide presentations to more powerful, effective, scenario-based instruction. For this reason, the immersive training program will be an ongoing initiative for Army trainers involved in designing and developing multimedia courseware.