Fusun Yaman: “Reasoning about Temporal Plans and Plans for Moving Objects”

April 25, 2006 | USC ICT

Speaker: Fusun Yaman
Host: Jonathan Gratch

Temporal plans play an important role in many real world applications. In this talk I will present my work on generating temporal plans and reasoning about temporal plans. I will particularly focus on the moving object plans which are a special case of temporal plans. There are numerous applications such as air traffic management, military mission planning where there is a critical need to reason about moving object plans. In such applications, the actual execution of the plans is susceptible to change due to contingencies. For example, planes may be delayed due to air traffic. Hence there is a critical need to represent temporally flexible plans and reason about them. I will present a Logic of Motion (LOM) that provides a declarative syntax and model theory and formalizes how to reason about planned movements of objects, when there is uncertainty. LOM is the first quantitative logical treatment of moving objects that can account for the fact that we are not always sure when an object will leave a given location, exactly when it will arrive at its destination, and what its
velocity will be even though the routes are known. It is rooted in a mix of geometry and logic: it provides a realistic continuous model of motion. Furthermore it is armed with very efficient algorithms to answer several kinds of queries about the possible locations of the objects and their proximity to other objects.