David Traum: “Research Workshop: Multi-modal Grounding for Virtual Humans and Robots”

September 12, 2008 | USC ICT

Speaker: David Traum

Grounding is the process of adding to the “Common Ground” between interacting participants. There have been several approaches to these
issues, including computational models of grounding by way of dialogue moves such as acknowledgments and corresponding gestures (e.g. head nods). However, most of these models have focused on coordinating the addition of asserted propositions to the common ground.

There has been comparatively less focus on grounding of other kinds of information, such as planned action, visual information, emotion and attitudes, and physical and social relationships. As robots are populating the physical world, and virtual humans the social world, this kind of coordination between artificial agents and humans is crucial. Moreover, even when only humans are involved, non-traditional communication methods (e.g., radio and other communication devices, communication mediated by translators or visual aids) can require additional effort and provide additionalresources for reaching common ground.

In this workshop, we will bring together some of the leading scholars who are working on aspects of these problems, or on related issues that require solutions to these problems, and discuss current proposals and open problems that require further work.