Cyrus Wilson: “From a New Perspective”

November 28, 2007 | USC ICT

Speaker: Cyrus Wilson

A microscope allows us to capture scenes that are quite different from those we experience in our daily lives. At the limit of the smallest objects that can be observed with visible light, different rules dominate image formation. I will discuss my work exploring what types of information can be obtained from such images. Specifically, I will present a study of the movement of animal cells, in which I was able to uncover new details about the underlying molecular processes—which are themselves too small to see even under the microscope—by capturing scenes in which the effects of the processes are manifested over larger, accessible scales. (No prior biological background will be required.) Then I will share some preliminary work, inspired by challenges in biological research but which considers images in more abstract and general terms, which foreshadows my aspiration to step outside the biological and microscopic contexts.