Andrew W. Feng, Yuyu Xu and Ari Shapiro: “Automating the Transfer of a Generic Set of Behaviors Onto a Virtual Character”

November 13, 2012 | Rennes, France

Speaker: Andrew W. Feng, Yuyu Xu and Ari Shapiro
Host: 5th International Conference on Motion in Games

Abstract: Humanoid 3D models can be easily acquired through various sources, including online. intervention in order to associate such models that is compatible with the animation necessary for the character to engage in an %animated performance. The use of such models within a game or simulation environment requires human input and intervention in order to associate such a model with a relevant set of motions and control mechanisms. In this paper, we demonstrate a pipeline where humanoid 3D models can be incorporated within seconds into an animation system, and infused with a wide range of capabilities, such as locomotion, object manipulation, gazing, speech synthesis and lip syncing. We offer a set of heuristics that can associated arbitrary joint names with canonical ones, and describe an fast retargeting algorithm that enables us to instill a set of behaviors onto an arbitrary humanoid skeleton. We believe that such a system will vastly increase the use of 3D interactive characters due to the ease that new models can be animated.