Albert “Skip” Rizzo: “Virtual Reality Goes to War and Beyond”

August 26, 2013 | Philadelphia, PA

Speaker: Albert "Skip" Rizzo
Host: International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation

Overview: The physical, emotional, cognitive and psychological demands of war place enormous stress on even the best-prepared military personnel. The urgency of war, combined with significant advances in low-cost consumer technology has driven the development of Virtual Reality and Interactive Technology applications for clinical research and intervention.

Part 1 of this workshop will present an overview of the research, development and implementation of Virtual Reality and Interactive Technology applications that have been applied in the prevention, assessment, treatment and scientific understanding of the psychological wounds of war. This talk will conclude with a discussion of how the urgency of war has driven clinical system development that will soon have significant impact on civilian behavioral healthcare needs.

Part 2 of this workshop will focus on a range of interactive technology applications that address the challenging cognitive and social needs of schizophrenics. This work uses web-based, IPad and mobile systems to improve the efficacy and dissemination of clinical and research applications. The workshop will conclude with a general discussion with the presenters and workshop participants as to how recent advances in VR and Interactive Systems (in some cases driven by military funding) can be now be translated to address the needs of civilian behavioral healthcare. Demonstrations of some of the systems discussed (VR PTSD Exposure Therapy, SimCoach, BrainHQ) will also be available for the participants to experience.