Abhijeet Ghosh: “Polarised Light in Computer Graphics”

November 30, 2012 | Singapore

Speaker: Abhijeet Ghosh
Host: SIGGRAPH Asia 2012

Abstract: In Computer Graphics, the polarisation properties of light currently play a role in several contexts: in certain forms of highly realistic ray-based image synthesis (sometimes colloquially referred to as Polarisation Ray Tracing), in some 3D display systems, and in some material acquisition technologies. The properties of light that are behind all of these applications are basically the same, although the technologies for which this property of light is being used differ considerably. Also, the notations and mathematical formalisms used in these application areas differ to some degree as well. This course aims to provide a unified resource for those areas of computer graphics which require a working knowledge of light polarisation: rendering and material acquisition. Consequently, the course is structured into three main parts: I – Background, II – Polarisation Ray Tracing, and III – Polarised Light in Acquisition Technology. Care is taken so that the information provided in Part I is applicable to both Part II and III of the course, and is formulated in a way that emphasises the underlying similarities.

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