A Realistic Walking Model for Enhancing Redirection in Virtual Reality

March 19, 2016 | Greenville, SC

Speaker: Courtney Hutton
Host: IEEE Virtual Reality 2016 Conference

Redirected walking algorithms require the prediction of human motion in order to effectively steer users away from the boundaries of the physical space. While a virtual walking trajectory may be represented using straight lines connecting waypoints of interest, this simple model does not accurately represent typical user behavior. This paper presents a more realistic walking model for use in real-time virtual environments that employ redirection techniques. We implemented the model within a framework that can be used for simulation of redirected walking within different virtual and physical environments. Such simulations are useful for the evaluation of redirected walking algorithms and the tuning of parameters under varying conditions. Additionally, the model can also be used to animate an artificial humanoid “ghost walker” to provide a visual demonstration of redirected walking in virtual reality.