Mohammad Soleymani

Intelligent Human Behavior Perception
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Research Associate Professor
Institute for Creative Technologies

Research Associate Professor
USC Viterbi School of Engineering Computer Science Department

Mohammad Soleymani is a research associate professor with the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. He received his PhD in computer science from the University of Geneva in 2011. From 2012 to 2014, he was a Marie Curie fellow at Imperial College London.

Prior to joining ICT, he was a research scientist at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva. His main line of research involves developing automatic emotion recognition and behavior understanding methods using physiological signals and facial expressions.

He is also interested in understanding subjective attributes in multimedia content, e.g., predicting whether an image is interesting from its pixels or automatic recognition of music mood from acoustic content. He is a recipient of the Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione grant and the EU Marie Curie fellowship.

He has served on multiple conference organization committees and editorial roles, most notably as associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing and technical program chair for ACM ICMI 2018 and ACII 2017.

He is one of the founding organizers of the MediaEval multimedia retrieval benchmarking campaign and the president elect for the Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing (AAAC).