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The National Covers Paul Debevec and Digital Actors

December 6, 2013

Paul Debevec was featured in coverage about digital actors in connection with the Cinematic Innovation Conference in Dubai. The article mentions the ICT Graphic Lab’s …

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Marketplace Features Skip Rizzo and Virtual Reality Therapy for PTSD

December 6, 2013

As part of their week-long look at the intersection of video games and mental health, American Public Media’s Marketplace program interviewed Skip Rizzo and his …

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Huffington Post Features Mark Bolas in Video on Touch Screen Tech

November 26, 2013

Mark Bolas hosted reporter Katie Lindendoll in a tour of the MxR Lab to show her the MxR’ Labs innovations in touch screen technologies. Watch …

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FX Guide Showcases the ICT Graphics Lab’s Digital Faces Work

November 26, 2013

An fxguide feature story on the art of digital faces hightlights the facial capture, lighting, and animation collaborations of the ICT Graphics Lab, including Digital …

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BBC Features Skip Rizzo and Virtual Reality Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress

November 12, 2013

The BBC radio program, Digital Humans, featured Skip Rizzo and ICT’s virtual reality therapy for treating post-traumatic stress in a segment devoted to how technology …

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Film Screening and Q&A

November 6, 2013

WHAT: A screening and Q&A with the creators of Friends you Haven’t Met Yet, a documentary short film exploring issues of ethics and online privacy …

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IEEE Spectrum Features ICT

October 31, 2013

A story about about the current state of military simulation tied to the opening of the Enders Game movie featured ICT simulation research and researchers. …

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Virtual Agent Chat Features ICT’s Virtual Human Toolkit

October 30, 2013

A post on this virtual agent-focused blog showcased ICT’s virtual human toolkit. The story includes an interview with ICT’s Arno Hartholt discussing the capabilities and …

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USS Benfold Sailors Visit ICT

October 25, 2013

A group of Navy sailors from the USS Benfold toured the USC Institute for Creative Technologies to see some of the latest examples of virtual …

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ICT Hosts Visitors from NATO and ONR

October 23, 2013

Rene LaRose, director of the the NATO Science and Coordination Office, visited ICT along with John Tangney from the Office of Naval Research and Paul …

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Ari Shapiro and ICT’s Smartbody Animation System Featured in Fxguide

October 15, 2013

An interview with Hao Li, a USC computer science professor who specializes in 3-D acquisition and animation, noted that Li is collaborating with ICT’s Ari …

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ICT Mentioned in MIT Technology Review

October 10, 2013

A story in MIT’s Technology Review notes that Oculus Rift developer Palmer Luckey worked as a head-mounted display designer at ICT. Luckey was a lab …

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Paul Debevec Quoted in the Hollywood Reporter

October 9, 2013

A story about the visual effects in the film Gravity quoted ICT’s Paul Debevec talking about the future of virtual reality film making. “This is …

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Discovery Channel Features ICT’s Light Stage Technology

October 8, 2013

A Discovery Channel Future Tech segment showcased ICT’s Paul Debevec and his Light Stage technology. The episode, which aired as part of the show Daily …

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LA Times Features Veteran’s Treatment with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

October 7, 2013

A front page Los Angeles Times story told the story of a veteran being treated with the virtual reality exposure therapy created by ICT’s Skip …

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ICT GFY13 Achievements Report Now Online

October 3, 2013

Click here to download a PDF of ICT achievement highlights from Government Fiscal Year 2013.

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Event Update: 2013 TAB Review Cancelled for Oct 9 -10

October 2, 2013

ICT’s 2013 TAB review, scheduled for Oct 9 – 10, has been cancelled. Please visit the registration page for more information.

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Daily Beast Features ICT’s Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress

September 27, 2013

An article in the Daily Beast featured ICT’s virtual reality exposure therapy, calling it, “one of the most promising therapeutic tools for treating veterans’ PTSD”, …

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Boston Globe Features ICT’s Virtual Reality Therapy

September 16, 2013

An article in the Boston Globe covered the use and study of ICT’s virtual reality therapy for treating post-traumatic stress. The story noted the system …

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Wall Street Journal Features ICT’s Holographic 3-D Projection Technology

September 14, 2013

A Wall Street Journal video features the glasses-free, perspective-correct  3-D projection work of the ICT Graphics Lab and calls it, “one of the most advanced …

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Belinda Lange Collaborates on Video Game for Young People with Cerebral Palsy

September 13, 2013

Belinda Lange, Ph.D, a  physical therapist who leads ICT’s Game-Based Rehabilitation efforts, collaborated with UCLA researchers to provide children with cerebral palsy an opportunity to …

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Chronicle of Philanthropy Features ICT’s New Dimensions in Testimony Collaboration with USC Shoah Foundation

September 8, 2013

A Chronicle of Philanthropy story showcased the New Dimensions in Testimony collaboration between ICT and the USC Shoah Foundation. The article highlighted ICT’s natural language …

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Medal of Honor Recipient Visits ICT

September 7, 2013

Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Ty Carter visited the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies Sept. 3, getting a first-hand look at …

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Jon Gratch Quoted About Virtual Humans in Huffington Post

September 3, 2013

Jonathan Gratch, head of ICT’s vitual humans group, was quoted in a Huffington Post story about an MIT-developed 3D character designed to teach interpersonal skills. …

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Wall Street Journal Features ICT’s Light Stage Face Scanning Technology

August 29, 2013

A Wall Street Journal video story featured Paul Debevec ICT’s Light Stage technology. The story covered the ICT Graphics Lab’s work creating realistic digital faces …

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West Point Graduates and Rhodes Scholars at ICT

August 27, 2013

The USC Institute for Creative Technologies is hosting two recent graduates from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point who were both awarded 2013 Rhodes …

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ICT Hosts USC Rossier School of Educations Global Executive Doctor of Education Program Students

July 24, 2013

The USC Institute for Creative Technologies hosted students from the USC Rossier School of Education Global Executive Doctor of Education Program on Tuesday, July 23. …

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Media Advisory: USC Showcases Breakthrough Technologies for Holographic Projections and Realistic Digital Doubles at Premier Computer Graphics and Animation conferences

July 16, 2013

Holographic heads, photo-real video game characters and virtual humans with realistic behaviors among the USC Institute for Creative Technologies-developed technologies to be demonstrated and discussed …

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New Scientist Features ICT’s Digital Ira Collaboration with Activision

July 11, 2013

New Scientist featured research by Paul Debevec and colleagues on how to simulate light reflecting off the human skin. Their digital rendering software creates super …

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The New Yorker Highlights ICT’s Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

July 8, 2013

An article in The New Yorker highlighted ICT’s virtual reality research project “Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan“, in which veterans suffering from PTSD are guided through simulations recreating …

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ICT Virtual Reality and Health Research Cited in Time

July 3, 2013

An article in Time looked at whether virtual reality technologies can promote behavior change. The article cited several ICT studies and also noted Evan Suma’s …

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Researcher Spotlight: Peter Khooshabeh

June 27, 2013

When ICT’s Peter Khooshabeh was an undergraduate at the University of California at Berkeley he worked on developing a virtual practice tool for surgeons. The …

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Armed With Science Highlights ICT Virtual Humans in Healthcare

June 26, 2013

An Armed with Science article about artificial intelligence in mental health noted that ICT researchers are developing virtual mental health patients that converse with human …

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Mark Bolas Quoted in the LA Times

June 10, 2013

Mark Bolas was quoted in a story about Oculus founder and former ICT staff member Palmer Luckey. The story notes that Bolas hired Luckey to …

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Jon Gratch Featured in the Wall Street Journal

June 5, 2013

A Wall Street Journal video story examined whether virtual reality experiences can impact real world behaviors. The report highlighted some research projects out of Stanford …

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BBC Covers SimSensei and ICT’s Virtual Human Work

May 28, 2013

A BBC story featured ICT’s SimSensei project and highlighted how the institute’s is leading the way in the creation of virtual humans that can produce …

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NPR Features SimSensei and ICT Research Using Computers to Detect Signs of Emotional Distress

May 21, 2013

A story by NPR’s mental health reporter Alix Spiegel covered ICT’s SimSensei project and research led by Skip Rizzo and Louis-Philippe Morency to develop a …

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Andrew Gordon’s Narrative Framing Work featured in USC Dornsife Magazine

May 15, 2013

An article and video about Andrew Gordon’s neurobiology of narrative framing work, being done in collaboration with USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute, is showcased in …

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Bill Swartout Painted and Profiled in Malibu Times Series

May 15, 2013

Bill Swartout, ICT’s director of technology, is featured in Faces of Malibu, a series that showcases Malibu residents with a painted portrait and an interview. …

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ICT Researchers Win Best Paper at IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2013

May 2, 2013

Congratulations to co-lead authors Stefan Scherer and Giota Stratou, along with Jill Boberg, Jonathan Gratch, Skip Rizzo and Louis-Philippe Morency. This ICT team of received …

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CNN’s The Next List to Feature ICT and Virtual Reality Therapy for PTSD

May 2, 2013

Tune into The Next List on CNN, Saturday, May 4 at 11:30 am PST/ 2:30 pm EST. This week’s episode features ICT’s Skip Rizzo and …

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Forbes Highlights ICT’s Jacki Morie and her Virtual Worlds Work

April 30, 2013

Forbes features a Q and A with Jacki Morie, a senior scientist at ICT who studies virtual worlds and how people use them. The article …

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Nature Features Andrew Gordon’s Research Studying Personal Stories on Blogs

April 29, 2013

An article in Nature covering new guidance for U.S. internet research highlighted Andrew Gordon’s work studying millions of personal stories found on blogs. Gordon’s research …

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USC Awards Paul Rosenbloom Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Recognition Award

April 26, 2013

Paying tribute to the wide range of intellectual and leadership achievements of the past year, the 32nd annual Academic Honors Convocation was held on April …

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Army AL&T Magazine Features ICT’s Work Creating Low-Cost Head Mounted Displays

April 25, 2013

Army AL&T Magazine highlighted ICT achievements in increasing quality and bringing down costs of head mounted displays (HMD) for virtual reality experiences. The article focused …

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ICT and Law School Develop Virtual Tool to Train Child Interviewers

April 24, 2013

Conducting interviews with children who have witnessed a crime or have been victims of abuse or neglect represents some of the most challenging and sensitive …

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PBS Features ICT’s Virtual Health Coaches

April 23, 2013

An article on PBS Media Shift highlighted ICT’s work in creating effective virtual reality health coaches, including SimSensei and SimCoach. The story notes how the …

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The Verge Features ICT’s Use of Oculus Rift for Virtual Reality PTSD Treatment

April 22, 2013

Writer Katie Drummond wrote an article on The Verge about the Oculus Rift’s impact on virtual reality therapy and focused on ICT’s Skip Rizzo and …

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MxR Lab’s Infinite Walking Research Featured in Phys.Org, ACM and New Scientist

April 18, 2013

Articles in Phys.Org, ACM Tech News and New Scientist covered the virtual reality walking research of Evan Suma and Mark Bolas. The stories noted recent …

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NPR Features Paul Debevec and ICT’s New Dimensions in Testimony Collaboration with USC Shoah

April 8, 2013

The NPR program “Here and Now” covered ICT’s New Dimensions in Testimony project, a collaboration with the USC Shoah Foundation to record and display Holocaust …

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Game Trailers.com Showcases ICT’s Light Stage Technologies and Photo-Real Video Game Faces

April 7, 2013

A segment on Game Trailers, NextTech features Paul Debevec and his work creating realistic digital doubles. The segment includes some images of ICT’s collaboration with …

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CNET, Mashable and Discovery Canada Feature SimSensei and Research in Automated Depression Recognition

April 4, 2013

CNET, Mashable and Discovery Canada featured research from ICT’s MultiComp Lab that automatically tracks and analyzes in real-time facial expressions, body posture, acoustic features, linguistic …

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TIME Article Endorses ICT’s Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Treating PTSD

April 3, 2013

Writing in TIME, Army psychiatrist Artin Terhakopian lauds ICT’s virtual reality therapy for treating PTSD as having, “the potential to reach the thousands of patients …

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USC Researcher Uses a Robot as a Real Roving Reporter

April 3, 2013

Telepresence experiment studies how interview subjects in Spain will respond to questions posed by a robot being operated in LA Who/What: Researcher Nonny de la …

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KTLA’s Tech Report Showcases ICT Digital Technology Work

April 1, 2013

A story by tech reporter Rich DeMuro featured ICT work that was on display at the USC GLIMPSE Digital Technology Showcase. ICT’s Paul Debevec, David …

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Belinda Lange’s Video Game Rehabilitation Work Featured in the Daily Trojan

March 31, 2013

An article in the USC Daily Trojan highlighted Belinda Lange and her work developing video games that can be used for physical therapy. The article …

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New Scientist and Gizmodo Feature ICT Research Teaching Computers to Recognize Signs of Depression

March 29, 2013

Two articles highlight research from ICT’s MultiComp Lab that automatically tracks and analyzes in real-time facial expressions, body posture, acoustic features, linguistic patterns and other …

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CNN and tech blogs feature ICT’s Digital Ira Collaboration with Activision

March 28, 2013

ICT’s Graphics Lab’s high profile Digital Ira work advancing the ability to create real-time, photo-real faces was featured in this CNN/Fortune Magazine story, as well …

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Jewish Telegraphic Agency Features New Dimensions in Testimony Project

March 28, 2013

Columnist Edmon Rodman wrote about this ICT collaboration with the USC Shoah Foundation. Rodman’s wire-service story ran in the Arizona Jewish Post and elsewhere. Rodman …

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BBC Covers ICT Graphics Lab

March 27, 2013

The BBC News covered the ICT Graphics Lab’s advances in creating realistic digital doubles. The story included the ICT collaborations, Digital Emily and New Dimensions …

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Voice of America Covers ICT Graphics Lab Work

March 25, 2013

Voice of America reporter Elizabeth Lee visited ICT and produced this story about current and future work in the ICT Graphics Lab. Paul Debevec was …

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Forbes and Tech Blogs Cover FaceWorks, ICT Graphics Lab’s Collaboration with Nvidia

March 21, 2013

Does this guy look familiar? Check out ICT’s own Ari Shapiro rendered in real-time as Digital Ira by the team at ICT’s Graphics Lab using …

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The Huffington Post Features Paul Rosenbloom’s Computer Science Op-Ed

March 21, 2013

In an opinon piece on the Huffington Post Paul Rosebloom, a project director at ICT, makes the case that computer science deserves more respect. Rosenbloom, …

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ICT’s MxR Lab creates immersive viewers using 3-D printers, low-cost lenses and display panels at the IEEE VR conference in Orlando, Florida

March 20, 2013

The do-it-yourself (DIY) demonstration was part of the MxR Lab’s push to disrupt the virtual reality marketplace by making low-cost, high quality virtual reality (VR) …

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ICT’s David Krum in MIT Technology Review

March 20, 2013

David Krum, co-director of ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab, spoke to MIT’s Technology Review for a story about 3-D display technology. Krum said that many computer …

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Psychiatric Annals Features ICT’s Medical Virtual Reality Work

March 19, 2013

The current issue of Psychiatric Annals features a summary of ICT-developed virtual reality applications that are being designed and implemented across various points in the …

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Engadget Features ICT’s DIY Open Source Virtual Reality Work

March 18, 2013

The web magazine Engadget posted a story about the launch of the MxR Lab’s new DIY website. The site showcases do-it-yourself virtual reality creations, modifications …

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Video Games for Rehabilitation

March 14, 2013

ICT research scientist Belinda Lange specializes in developing game-based systems for people with neurological or physical injuries. Lange and her team created a state-of-the-art video …

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BiLAT Featured in PEO STRI Newsletter

March 12, 2013

The current issue PEO STRI newsletter, Inside STRI, features an article about BiLAT and BiLAT AIDE, the ICT-developed video game and primer, designed to help …

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The New York Times Features MxR’s Open Source Head Mounted Displays

February 19, 2013

The open source designs of the MxR Lab at ICT are featured today in a New York Times article on the Oculus Rift. The article …

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President Obama Awards National Medal of Science to Solomon Golomb, ICT Advisory Board Member and USC Viterbi Legend

February 13, 2013

On Feb. 1, one of USC’s most decorated faculty members received the highest honor bestowed by the United States for scientific innovation. President Barack Obama …

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CNET Covers New Dimensions in Testimony Project

February 12, 2013

CNET featured ICT’s New Dimensions in Testimony project, a collaboration with the USC Shoah Foundation to record and display Holocaust survivors’ testimony in a way that …

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Washington Post Features ICT’s Hologram Holocaust Survivor Collaboration with USC Shoah Foundation

February 4, 2013

An Associated Press article, carried in the Washington Post and other papers throughout the country, featured ICT’s New Dimensions in Testimony project, a collaboration with …

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Defense News Features Mobile Version of ICT’s ELITE Leadership Trainier

January 29, 2013

A story in Defense News covers ICT’s development of a laptop version of the Emergent Leader Immersive Training Environment (ELITE), which targets leadership and basic …

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CNN to Feature Skip Rizzo and ICT Virtual Reality Technology for PTSD, Sunday, Jan 27 2pm EST/11am PST

January 25, 2013

Set your DVR! CNN’s Next List is devoting an entire segment to ICT’s Skip Rizzo and his work using virtual reality to treat and prevent …

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Jane’s International Defense Review Features ICT work in Cultural Awareness Training

January 24, 2013

An article in the December 2012 issue of Jane’s International Defense Review covered U.S. military efforts at cultural awareness training and highlighted ICT-developed prototypes in …

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Andrew Gordon and His Storytelling Research Featured in Poets and Writers Magazine

January 23, 2013

An essay in Poets and Writers Magazine explores the importance and meaning of stories. The author highlights Andrew Gordon’s research collecting personal stories from blogs …

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Researcher Spotlight: Ari Shapiro

January 22, 2013

Ari Shapiro leads the development of ICT’s SmartBody application, an animation system for 3-D games that synchronizes speech, gesturing and facial and body motion, particularly …

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An Interview with Paul Rosenbloom

January 16, 2013

By Julia Kim Reason #27 that one should mingle at office social events: you learn that your colleague is writing a book to totally change …

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Professor Offers Keen Observations on Computing

January 15, 2013

When Paul Rosenbloom became the director of New Directions at USC’s Information Sciences Institute 15 years ago, he helped apply timely computing to a diverse …

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ICT’s Clarke Lethin Honored With Navy Service Award

January 3, 2013

Clarke Lethin, ICT’s managing director, received the Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award recognizing his exceptional performance of duties while assigned as the …

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Defense News Features ICT’s DICE-T and Todd Richmond in Mobile Learning Stories

January 1, 2013

Defense News covered mobile learning applications in two recent articles. Todd Richmond, director of advanced prototype development and transition at ICT, was quoted in both …

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