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Former ICT staffer Palmer Luckey Named One of Forbes 30 Under 30

December 17, 2012

Palmer Luckey, who was part of the ICT’s MxR Lab , was named one of the brightest young stars in video games by Forbes. Luckey …

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ICT’s Paul Debevec earns a film credit on “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

December 15, 2012

Paul Debevec, ICT’s associate director for graphics research, earned a credit in the recently released Hobbit film for his visiting researcher work at Weta Digital …

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Defense News’ Training and Simulation Journal Features ICT Work on Avatars for Army Training

December 12, 2012

A Training and Simulation Journal article highlighted ICT research and development efforts to create avatars that mirror their real world counterparts. Stating that more realistic …

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Paul Rosenbloom Wins Kurzweil Prize for Best Paper at Artificial General Intelligence Conference 2012

December 11, 2012

Paul Rosenbloom has once again been honored with a Kurzweil Prize at the annual Artificial General Intelligence Conference (AGI). This year, Rosenbloom, a computer science …

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Discover Magazine Features ICT Virtual Characters Addressing PTSD and Depression

December 6, 2012

A story in the December issue of Discover magazine covers ICT’s SimCoach and SimSensei projects, which are both designed to leverage anonymous virtual human technologies …

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ICT’s Mark Bolas Quoted on Virtual Reality in the Orange County Register

December 1, 2012

Mark Bolas, ICT’s associate director for mixed reality research and development, was quoted in an Orange County story about virtual reality headsets that featured the …

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Skip Rizzo Interviewed about Using Virtual Reality to Address PTSD on CNN International and Minnesota Public Radio

November 30, 2012

Skip Rizzo, ICT’s associate director for medical virtual reality, spoke about using virtual reality as a tool for treating PTSD and for preparing soldiers for …

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ICT’s Chad Lane Quoted on Video Games and Learning in Riverside Press-Enterprise

November 29, 2012

ICT research scientist H. Chad Lane was featured in a Riverside Press-Enterprise story looking at whether video games can be effective teaching tools. “That’s like …

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The Light Stage on KTLA’s Tech Report

November 28, 2012

The Tech Report, a nationally broadcast television segment from KTLA’s Rich Dimuro, featured the visual effects innovations made possible with the Light Stage technology from …

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Paul Rosenbloom’s On Computing Receives an Outstanding Review in Nature

November 19, 2012

The first review of On Computing by ICT’s Paul Rosenbloom has just come out. In Nature 491, 331 (15 November 2012) the reviewer, John Gilbey, writes, “On Computing is an …

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Ari Shapiro and Colleagues Awarded Best Paper at the Fifth International Conference on Motion in Games

November 18, 2012

Ari Shapiro and his co-authors Yuyu Xu and Andrew Feng won the Best Paper Award at the Fifth International Conference on Motion in Games in …

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The Economist Features Research from ICT’s Skip Rizzo and Galen Buckwalter

November 17, 2012

The Economist featured work by Skip Rizzo and Galen Buckwalter of USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies. The story noted that virtual reality therapy is being used to help …

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Mark Bolas Quoted in AP Story about New Wii U GamePad in Washington Post, US News and World Report

November 17, 2012

Mark Bolas, ICT’s associate director for mixed reality research and development, was quoted in an Associated Press article about Nintendo’s new Wii U GamePad. “It’s …

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Paul Debevec Joins Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Tech Council

November 16, 2012

Paul Debevec, the associate director for graphics research at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and a research professor at the USC Viterbi School of …

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ICT Innovations for Veterans Featured by USC Viterbi News

November 13, 2012

ICT research designed to offer health care support was featured in a USC Viterbi Veteran’s Day story. The article highlighted SimSensei, a virtual human collaboration …

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ICT’s MedVR Lab Awarded Infinite Hero Grant to Improve Lives for Military Members and Families, CNBC Covers

November 1, 2012

The USC Institute for Creative Technologies has been selected to receive a grant from the Infinite Hero Foundation, a non-profit group devoted to funding programs …

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ICT’s Mark Bolas Featured in Technology Review

October 23, 2012

Mark Bolas, director of ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab and an associate professor in the USC School of Cinematic Arts, was quoted in a MIT Technology …

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Prism Magazine Features ICT’s Paul Debevec

September 17, 2012

The cover story in the September issue of the American Society for Engineering’s Prism Magazine, features Paul Debevec and ICT’s Light Stage technology in an …

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FX Guide Features ICT Graphics Lab’s Abhijeet Ghosh

September 17, 2012

In their weekly podcast, FX Guide interviewed Abhijeet Ghosh from the USC Institute for Creative Technologies Graphics Lab about a range of issues relating to …

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Defense News Covers Video Games for Counter-IED Training, Including ICT Projects

September 12, 2012

A story in Defense News covered the use of video games for counter-IED training. ICT’s Todd Richmond was quoted in the story, which cited the …

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Scientific American Story about Avatars Features ICT’s Jacquelyn Ford Morie

September 10, 2012

ICT’s Jacquelyn Ford Morie, and her avatars in Second Life, were featured in a Scientific American story about the online avatars and what they represent. …

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American Psychological Association’s Media Technology Division Features ICT’s H. Chad Lane

September 4, 2012

Division 46 of the American Psychological Association highlighted the work of ICT research scientist H. Chad Lane, who heads up ICT’s Learning Sciences group. In …

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ICT’s Jacquelyn Ford Morie Named to Prestigious Advisory Panel

August 27, 2012

Jacquelyn Ford Morie, a senior research scientist at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), has been named to the Information Science …

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NCO Journal Covers ICT Technologies

August 23, 2012

The August issue of NCO Journal, the professional development magazine for U.S. Army non-commissioned officers, featured several stories about ICT, with an emphasis on how …

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BBC and fxguide Feature ICT Graphics Lab Advances in Siggraph 2012 Coverage

August 15, 2012

New research from the ICT Graphics Lab was featured on Click, a BBC World Service technology podcast and on fxguide, a leading outlet covering the …

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Fast Company Features Louis-Philippe Morency and His YouTube Research

August 9, 2012

A story in Fast Company covered Louis-Philippe Morency’s work studying YouTube videos. The article states that this work has the potential to advance the growing …

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USC Invites You to Mars: Traverse the Red Planet at Virtual Viewing Party Tonight at SIGGRAPH

August 5, 2012

Portable virtual reality device from the MxR Lab at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies brings 3-D Martian landscape to your iPhone or Android. Contact: …

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KTLA’s Tech Report Covers ICT

August 4, 2012

Reporter Rich Demuro of KTLA’s Tech Report visited ICT and filed this story about how ICT combines Hollywood talent and tech know-how to improve training …

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Skip Rizzo and ICT’s Virtual Patient Work Featured on Live Science, GizMag and SmartPlanet

August 3, 2012

LiveScience featured research from ICT’s Skip Rizzo virtual patient work, involving training therapists to deal with traumatized veterans. Psychiatry residents use interactive programs to learn …

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Former ICT Staff, Palmer Lucky, Beats Kickstarter Goal in Hours

August 2, 2012

Only a couple hours after launching, former ICT MxR Lab employee, Palmer Lucky, surpassed his $250,000 goal. A day after going live, Palmer Lucky’s Kickstarter …

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ICT Computer Scientist Uses YouTube as a Research Tool

July 18, 2012

ICT Researcher Giving YouTube Views a Whole New Meaning Computer scientist Louis-Philippe Morency is analyzing online videos to capture the nuances of how people communicate …

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West Point Cadets Train on Mobile Counter-IED Trainer

July 17, 2012

As part of their summer training program, West Point Cadets are going through the Mobile Counter-IED Trainer, which includes a video game to assist troops …

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ICT Virtual Humans and Virtual Reality on CNET

July 2, 2012

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman stopped at ICT on his West Coast road trip to see how we are using virtual humans and virtual reality to …

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ICT’s Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Featured on TNT’s Rizzoli and Isles

June 18, 2012

An episode of the TNT Series, “Rizzoli and Isles“, features a dramatic depiction of ICT’s Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan PTSD Exposure Therapy system appearing as part of …

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U.S. Army Chief of Staff Visits ICT

June 15, 2012

U.S Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno visited the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) on Tuesday, June 12 to see demonstrations …

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Defense News Covers ICT’s Mental Health Work

June 12, 2012

A story in Defense News covers efforts to use virtual reality and other technologies to address mental health issues and barriers to care faced by …

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FX Guide Features Paul Debevec and the Development of the Light Stage Systems

May 30, 2012

Fx Guide posted an interview and video of Paul Debevec, ICT’s associate director for graphics research, discussing the Light Stage systems he developed. The coverage …

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NBC News Features ICT’s Virtual Therapy for PTSD

May 29, 2012

NBC News featured a story on ICT’s virtual therapy for treating and detecting PTSD. Skip Rizzo and Galen Buckwalter were interviewed in the segment. View …

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ELITE Leadership and Counseling Trainer Featured on the Ft. Benning Report

May 28, 2012

The Benning Report, a video news program produced at Ft. Benning, showcased ICT’s ELITE trainer in a recent segment. It begins at 16:22 in the …

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SimCoach Goes Live on Braveheart, the Atlanta Braves Veterans Support Website

May 25, 2012

ICT’s SimCoach, a new way to help Veterans and their families find expert help and support for PTSD is now live on the BraveHeart website.

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New Scientist Covers Study Showing Effectiveness of ICT’s Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for PTSD

May 23, 2012

A story in New Scientist featured preliminary results of a Navy study that found that virtual reality exposure therapy, including ICT’s Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan, helped post-traumatic …

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CBC Covers Virtual Therapy to Be Used in Canada

May 16, 2012

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation covered Canada’s decision to begin using the ICT’s virtual reality exposure therapy for treating PTSD. Skip Rizzo, ICT’s associate director for …

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The Huffington Post Features the ICT Graphics Lab

May 14, 2012

Watch Talk Nerdy to Me on the Huffington Post, and learn how Paul Debevec and his team at the ICT Graphics Lab create digital doubles – including a copy of Huff Post science correspondent Cara Santa Maria.

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Defense VIPs Visit ELITE Classroom at Ft. Benning

May 7, 2012

Recently some high profile visitors experienced ELITE, ICT’s virtual human training system being used at Ft. Benning. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta observed a session, …

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The Huffington Post Showcases Gunslinger, ICT’s Virtual Human Shootout

May 4, 2012

Cara Santa Maria from the Huffington Post’s Talk Nerdy to Me science series, visited ICT and experienced our Wild West mixed-reality experience Gunslinger. Santa Maria …

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Naval Service Training Command Article about INOTS

April 27, 2012

The Naval Service Training Command published an article about ICT’s Immersive Naval Officer Training System (INOTS). Read the full article here.

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ICT Virtual Humans Promote Science Education at USA Science and Engineering Festival

April 27, 2012

ICT’s virtual human museum guides, along with several of our real researchers, made the trip to Washington D.C. to teach kids about science as part …

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Toronto Star Features ICT’s SimCoach Project

April 26, 2012

An article in the Toronto Star features ICT’s SimCoach project and how it employs virtual humans to help address PTSD and other mental health issues. Skip Rizzo, ICT’s associate …

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The Huffington Post Features Mark Bolas and ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab

April 23, 2012

Huffington Post science reporter Cara Santa Maria visited ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab for her “Talk Nerdy to Me” video series and got a glimpse of the future of virtual reality. …

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Defense News Features 3-D Virtual Reality Viewer for Smartphones from ICT’s MxR Lab

April 18, 2012

An article in Defense News covers the FOV2GO, the do-it-yourself 3-D viewer developed at ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab, along with collaborators from the Interactive Media …

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ICT Developing Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Tools for Mental Health

April 12, 2012

Effort is part of a new DoD initiative to use telemedicine and virtual humans to address barriers to care and to provide better care for …

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Read Morteza Dehghani’s Op-Ed: Sacred Values and the Development of Nuclear Weapons

April 12, 2012

Check out this insightful op-ed from our own Morteza Dehghani and his Northwestern colleague Sonya Sachdeva published on Aljazeera.com. The piece, based on the pair’s …

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American Public Media Program The Story Features Sounds of Virtual Iraq on NPR

March 21, 2012

The NPR radio program The Story interviewed Martin Daughtry, a New York University ethnomusicologist who traveled to Iraq in the waning days of Operation Iraqi Freedom to …

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ICT’s Morteza Dehghani Wins AFOSR Young Investigator Program Award

March 15, 2012

ICT Research Assistant Professor Morteza Dehghani, was awarded a grant from the Air Force’s Young Investigator Research Program (YIP). Dehghani, who is also on the …

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ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab Wins Awards at 2012 IEEE VR Conference

March 15, 2012

The ICT Mixed Reality Lab won the best demo award at the recent IEEE VR Conference where they introduced the new FOV2GO, a fold-out 3-D …

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Debuts New Digital Double Pipeline Using ICT’s Light Stage

March 8, 2012

For the recent blockbuster Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, the ICT Graphics Lab collaborated with Icon Imaging Studio, Lightstage LLC and House of Moves (HOM) …

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Slate Highlights Skip Rizzo’s Research Using Gaming Technologies for ADHD

March 7, 2012

A story on Slate, by Stanford’s Jeremy Bailenson, highlighted research by ICT’s Skip Rizzo using motion recognition programs, similar to the Microsoft Kinect to detect ADHD. The article …

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Out of the Box: USC Researchers Debut Smartphone 3-D Virtual Reality Viewer Made Out of Cardboard

March 5, 2012

Easy-to-assemble fold-out viewer transforms smartphones into portable immersive virtual reality systems. First 100 do-it-yourself VR viewers being distributed at IEEE Virtual Reality Conference in Orange County, March …

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Skip Rizzo Wins Satava Award

February 16, 2012

Skip Rizzo received the 17th annual Satava Award at the recent Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Next Med Conference (MMVR19) in Orange County, Calif. Rizzo was given the …

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LA Weekly Covers ICT’s Belinda Lange and Her Work in Video Games for Therapy

February 9, 2012

In a new LA Weekly column focused on ideas and innovations coming out of Los Angeles, science reporter Katie Gammon features ICT’s Belinda Lange and her motor-rehab work developing …

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Huffington Post Covers ICT’s MxR Lab’s Immersive Journalism Collaboration

January 31, 2012

The Huffington Post wrote about Hunger in Los Angeles, an immersive journalism project by Nonny De La Pena. Pena collaborated with the ICT MxR Lab on this virtual reality journalism …

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CG Society Features Underworld 4 Effects, including ICT Graphics Lab Contributions

January 25, 2012

An Computer Graphics Society article covers the special effects work in the fourth installment of the Underworld werewolf franchise, Underworld: Awakening. The story mentions that the film’s primary …

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Army Access AL&T Features Two Stories About ICT

January 18, 2012

The website of the U.S. Army Acquisitions Support Center ran two stories about the research and developments taking place at ICT. The first is about our work …

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Discovery Channel Magazine Features ICT’s Paul Debevec

January 5, 2012

An article on how animation technologies are bringing a new level of realism to movies, highlighted the work and expertise of Paul Debevec, ICT’s associate …

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