2006 News

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Paper on Interactive Comics Wins Award

November 2, 2006

ICT Researcher Andrew Gordon’s paper entitled: “Fourth Frame Forums: Interactive Comics for Collaborative Learning” was awarded “Best Technical Short Paper” at the 14th International ACM …

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New ICT Executive Director

October 13, 2006

Marina del Rey, California—October 9, 2006—The USC Provost announced the selection of a distinguished artificial intelligence researcher and former U.S. Army officer to lead Institute …

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Summer Intern Program

September 2, 2006

15 students from Francisco Bravo High School in Los Angeles are part of the very first Army-funded, two-week internship for high school students at the …

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Treating Trauma with Games

August 25, 2006

For soldiers struggling with memories of their combat time in Iraq, USC Centers for Creative Technologies psychologist Skip Rizzo has concocted an unusual prescription: a …

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Wired Magazine coverage of Virtual Iraq

August 1, 2006

The August 2006 issue of Wired has an article about ICT’s Virtual Iraq. Read the article.

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Apollo tours Sill

July 25, 2006

Actor/producer Carl Weathers, best known for his portrayal of boxer Apollo Creed in the first four “Rocky” movies, toured the Joint Fires and Effects Trainer …

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The Smell of War

July 25, 2006

I’m Army, Special Operations. My mission: to sneak up on a rebel training camp. If the intelligence is right—if the place is being operated by …

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Serious Games

June 22, 2006

Saving the world—one game at a time. Some may scoff at the notion, but while gaming news in recent weeks has been bombarded with talk …

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ICT wins modeling and simulation award from DOD

June 21, 2006

A USC Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) product has received the Modeling and Simulation Award for Training from the Department of Defense the highest honor …

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The Changing National Training Center

June 16, 2006

A look at the changing National Training Center, by Brigadier General Robert W. Cone, U.S. Army. ICT has been very involved in adding realism their …

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Control a car with your thoughts—it’s therapeutic

May 19, 2006

USC CCT technologies at work. A soldier in a Humvee scoots across the desert, warily eyeing the vast, empty plain. A fire appears on the …

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Training in Mock Iraq

May 5, 2006

FORT IRWIN, Calif. – Three years into the conflict in Iraq, the front line in the American drive to prepare troops for insurgent warfare runs …

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ICT Virtual Reality Therapy featured on nVidia site

March 16, 2006

ICT research into virtual reality therapy (Skip Rizzo’s group based on work by Jarrell Pair) is featured on the nVidia site. Read Article.

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ICT’s Full Spectrum Warrior: Virtual Reality Prepares Soldiers for Real War

February 14, 2006

One blistering afternoon in Iraq, while fighting insurgents in the northern town of Mosul, Sgt. Sinque Swales opened fire with his .50-cal. That was only …

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ICT at Serious Games Summit: a review

February 12, 2006

Presented on the first day of Serious Games Summit 2005, this fascinating session explained some of the work carried out by the University of Southern …

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Virtual Reality Therapy for Combat Stress

February 9, 2006

A new, high-tech system designed to treat military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder—or PTSD—may be familiar to fans of a squad-based combat video game. …

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