2003 News

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Dr. Andrew S. Gordon publishes his first book

November 5, 2003

Strategy Representation: An Analysis of Planning Knowledge describes an innovative methodology for investigating the conceptual structures that underlie human reasoning. This work explores the nature …

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USC wins another prestigious award

July 15, 2003

Negotiations over Tasks in Hybrid Human-Agent Teams for Simulation-Based Training by David Traum, Jeff Rickel, Jonathan Gratch and Stacy Marsella received the Best Innovative System/Application …

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ICT’s new Army training aid wins Best Original Game and Best Simulation Game @ E3

June 9, 2003

Full Spectrum Warrior, the US Army squad-level X-Box training aid set to be published by Los Angeles publisher THQ, was previewed for the public at …

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ICT puts Tinseltown talent to work on military defense

March 5, 2003

In the Washington Post article, “Thinking Outside the Tank”, Sharon Waxman writes about how the Institute for Creative Technologies “puts Tinseltown Talent to work on …

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FlatWorld: Combining Hollywood Set-Design Techniques with VR

February 6, 2003

Members of ICT published “FlatWorld: Combining Hollywood Set-Design Techniques with VR.” Read the paper.

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