NPR Covers SimSensei: Using Virtual Humans to Help Detect Depression and PTSD

May 20, 2015

ellie office

NPR’s All Things Considered and Planet Money featured ICT’s SimSensei project which uses a virtual human and sensing technologies to help detect signs of depression …

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Virtual Humans and Jon Gratch Highlighted in the Harvard Business Review

May 20, 2015

A Harvard Business Review article on trust and robots featured ICT research on how to make computers more like humans. “The more you add lifelike …

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VICE Creator’s Project on Digital Humans Features Paul Debevec and Ari Shapiro

May 19, 2015

The VICE Creators Project’s new documentary, Hollywood’s Digital Humans, highlights the digital double work of Paul Debevec and the ICT Graphics Lab. The story explains how …

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NBC Today Show Features New Dimensions in Testimony

May 12, 2015

NBC News’ “Today” featured the  New Dimensions in Testimony project, which creates interactive holograms of Holocaust survivors through a collaboration between ICT and the USC …

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Daily Mail, Defense Systems, Soldier Technology Magazine and Army.Mil Cover ICT Virtual Humans

May 7, 2015

Articles about ICT’s work creating virtual humans that are used throughout the Army ran in the Daily Mail, Defense Systems and Soldier Technology Magazine and …

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Marketplace Features VITA, ICT’s Virtual Reality Job Interview Trainer

May 4, 2015

Marketplace featured ICT’s Virtual Interactive Training Agent, or VITA, and an interview with Skip Rizzo. The project was developed in partnership with the Dan Marino Foundation …

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