A Look Back: For 8 Years, President Obama Touted Merits of Art for Change

January 20, 2017

From the moment President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama entered the White House, they have reimagined how the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can be utilized …

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6 Ways Virtual Reality Will Soon Change Your Health Very Soon

January 19, 2017

The Daily Mail explores various ways in which VR will change the health care industry. Read the full article on Daily Mail that mentions ICT’s …

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USC’s Virtual Care Clinic is a Step in the Future of Technology-Driven Health Care

January 17, 2017

In 2026, going to the doctor might be as easy as opening an app in your smartphone. At least, that’s what cardiologist Leslie Saxon hopes. Saxon, the …

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USC Researches Conduct Study on Trustworthiness

January 13, 2017

The Daily Trojan features a piece uncovering the findings of a study about trustworthiness. ICT’s Gale Lucas talks more about the research, read the full …

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Marines Say ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis May Temper Trump

January 12, 2017

ICT’s Managing Director Clarke Lethin talks about his time served with General James Mattis. Read the full article on KPBS.

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It’s Time for VR to Cut the Cord

January 12, 2017

For VR to stick, the next generation of headsets have to become wireless. ICT’s Todd Richmond talks with GearBrain more about the reality of where …

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