Technology, Ethics Meet in Debate Over ‘Virtual’ Actors

May 25, 2017

We’ve all seen commercials where an old piece of footage — or maybe an actor who’s no longer alive — is in a more modern-day …

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Video Games Can Boost Your Health

May 24, 2017

“Researchers at University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies designed ‘Virtual Iraq’, a therapeutic and educational interactive game. The games are based on the …

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How VR Can Improve OR Efficiency

May 18, 2017

MedCity News explores how traditional medtech companies are hoping to be a better partner to hospitals as the latter embark upon improving hospital efficiency. Some medtechs are …

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Treating Mental Health with Virtual Reality

May 15, 2017

Mental health issues affect many of us in our daily lives. Whether it’s from stress or anxiety, depression, or some other form of mental health, …

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Emotion Sensing in VR: How VR is Being Used to Benefit Mental Health

May 11, 2017

VR Focus explores an exciting opportunity to minimise reliance on pharmacological garments for mental health, in Virtual Reality (VR). Exposure Therapy (ET) using VR is …

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Avatar Technology from USC Captures Your Body in 20 Minutes

May 10, 2017

The graphics lab at ICT captures high-quality digital faces for film with special (and expensive) scanning equipment. Ari Shapiro runs a research group called the Character …

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