New technique fools your brain to make VR more immersive – Tech Coverage of Mahdi Azmadi’s Recent Research

May 5, 2016


Yahoo highlighted a research collaboration with Mahdi Azmandian of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and colleagues at Microsoft and the University of Waterloo on virtual …

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Holocaust survivors: Never forget genocide of World War – NDT in the Desert Sun

May 2, 2016

A story in the Desert Sun covered a Holocaust Remembrance Day speech by Stephen Smith of the USC Shoah Foundation. The story notes that Smith …

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Inside North America’s first all-digital hospital – Modern Healthcare Covers the USC Virtual Care Clinic

May 1, 2016

An article about the move toward digitization in health care features the USC Virtual Care Clinic. The article notes that the clinic will begin pilots …

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How the tone of a person’s VOICE can reveal if they’re suicidal – Stefan Scherer in the Daily Mail

April 29, 2016

Daily Mail (UK) featured research by Stefan Scherer of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies on how to assess if an individual is suicidal. Scherer …

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New Approaches Emerging To Preserve Shoah Memory – NDT in Jewish Week

April 27, 2016

The  Jewish Week covered New Dimensions in Testimony and the recent recording of  Holocaust survivor Eva Kor’s testimony for the project. Th story states that …

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To Save Suicidal Teens, Listen to their Voice

April 27, 2016

Suicide rates among Americans are on the rise, underscoring the need for early intervention. USC researchers tested and found high-tech acoustic software can identify teens …

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