Psychology Today Features Study Suggesting People Disclose More to Virtual Humans

July 16, 2014

ellie office

Psychology Today interviewed Gale Lucas of the ICT virtual humans group about recent findings that suggest patients are more willing to disclose personal information to …

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Fast Company Features STRIVE, ICT’s Virtual Reality Resilience Trainer

July 14, 2014

Fast Company highlighted research by Skip” Rizzo on the use of virtual reality to address post-traumatic stress. The article noted that Rizzo works on several …

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Fast Company Cites Skip Rizzo and the Use of Virtual Reality Therapy

July 10, 2014

An article about the use of computer games to treat medical conditions noted that the virtual reality therapy system developed by ICT’s Skip Rizzo is …

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Voice of America Features Evan Suma’s Redirected Walking Research

July 9, 2014

Reporter Elizabeth Lee attended the VRLA Meetup and featured Evan Suma’s redirected walking research. The story stated that Suma is currently studying how to trick …

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Deseret News Features ICT Technologies for Health Treatment and Assement

July 2, 2014

An article examining the role of technology in revolutionizing treatment featured ICT’s Bravemind, SimSensei and Games for Rehab projects. The article includes Skip Rizzo, ICT’s …

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Voice of America Features Mark Bolas and Project BlueShark

July 1, 2014

Reporter Elizabeth Lee attended the VRLA Meetup at ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab and covered Project BlueShark, a virtual reality interface for imagining the future of …

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