U.S. Army Leaders Test Out Latest Militarized HoloLens AR Architecture

November 15, 2019

US Army soldiers are evaluating the latest iteration of Microsoft’s modified HoloLens 2 headset as part of the service’s effort to inject augmented reality (AR) …

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This Mapping Tech will Distinguish Different Tree Species

October 31, 2019

Updated geospatial data is needed more and more in order to enhance the situational awareness of soldiers at the field. One World Terrain (OWT) is a …

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Surviving the First ‘Deepfake’ Election: Three Questions

October 30, 2019

Even before deepfakes, voters have needed to sort through disinformation, which has even come from campaigns themselves.  “You don’t need deepfakes to spread disinformation,” says …

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Can a Building Help Thwart the Next Active Shooter?

October 29, 2019

Researchers have designed a virtual environment to test how building features in schools and offices help or hurt occupants during active shooter incidents. Continue reading …

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Amazon’s A.I. Emotion-Recognition Software Confuses Expressions for Feelings

October 28, 2019

We have very strong intuitions about what emotions like happiness look like when displayed on other people’s faces. From childhood, we are taught these associations …

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Can AI Also be Used to Mask Someone’s Identity?

October 27, 2019

At the moment, Facebook does not have any plans for this new technology. However, the research is particularly important due to the proliferation of deepfakes. Dr. Hao …

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