2015 - Present
Project Leader: David Cobbins

Emergent Leader Immersive Training Environment Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention, Prevention & Outreach Simulation Trainer (ELITE SHARP POST) is a laptop training application that educates United States (US) Army Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and Victim Advocates (VAs) on their roles and responsibilities related to Prevention and Outreach when supporting the Commander and other SHARP stakeholders responsible for implementing the SHARP Program. Developed under the guidance of the SHARP Program Management Office and in collaboration with the US Army SHARP Academy, the ELITE SHARP POST content incorporates evidence-based instructional design methodologies, and USC ICT research technologies. Virtual humans, story-based scenarios, and intelligent tutoring technology help create a challenging yet engaging training experience.

The ELITE SHARP POST software features four scenarios. These scenarios are based on relevant real-world incidents that SARCs and VAs may face on the job. Each scenario offers the user a chance to practice the Prevention and Outreach-related skills and activities required by SARCs and VAs to successfully help Commanders establish an environment where SHARP incidents are deterred. The package includes three phases: Up-front Instruction, Practice Environment, and an After Action Review (AAR).

The total training time for ELITE SHARP POST is anywhere from one and a half to two hours depending on a user’s proficiency. Time will vary depending on user experience level, performance, and engagement. Some users may take time to review missed concepts based on how well they respond to quiz questions. Some users may choose to watch all suggested training vignettes and comparisons. Some users may thoroughly engage in the AAR after an interaction in the practice environment. Some users may choose to practice all three scenarios.

ELITE SHARP POST offers US Army SARCs and VAs a unique opportunity to learn and practice their skills and activities for SHARP Program Prevention and Outreach so they’re better prepared to interact with the SHARP stakeholders they support. Upon completion of the ELITE SHARP POST training, users will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the critical SARC and VA roles and responsibilities when supporting the Commander’s SHARP Prevention and Outreach Program.

ELITE SHARP POST is available for download on the MilGaming web portal: https://milgaming.army.mil/

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