Jonathan Gratch: “Rise of the Machines”

July 28, 2011 | Kyoto, Japan

Speaker: Jonathan Gratch
Host: ISRE 2011

Advances in computational methods for recognizing, modeling, and shaping human emotions Abstract: The last decade has seen the emergence of the field of Affective Computing: a new partnership between the computational and affective sciences. New tools often transform science, opening up new approaches and new questions. By developing computational techniques that recognize, model and simulate human emotion, affective computing is opening up new possibilities for measurement and theory. But further, technology itself is being transformed by theoretical and empirical findings from affective science. In this symposium, we will present a broad sampling of research that illustrates some of this potential for synergy. We begin with a discussion of methods for recognizing human emotional cues, including studies using these methods to explore psychological phenomena. Next we discuss computational models of the cognitive antecedents and consequences of emotion Work in computational models of emotion impacts research in human emotion by transforming how theories are formulated and evaluated, for example by concretizing concepts in the theory. Next we present techniques for digitally synthesizing emotional behaviors, an important methodological tool for exploring the impact of such cues on human behavior. Finally, we will present empirical evidence that that people respond emotionally to computational artifacts, and that emotion theory can give insight into explaining these effects. Together, these four talks illustrate how new technology is both transforming and being transformed by affective science.