Hacking Virtual Medicine

October 3, 2015

Let’s hack healthcare.

With the advancement of Virtual Reality, we now have the potential to unlock incredible new ways to share medical experiences by allowing patients and physicians to interact remotely without sacrificing the benefits of being physically present.

Imagine an immersive walk through a surgical procedure, or potential outcomes of a difficult medical decision; a simulated role reversal between physician and patient; a VR tool for smoking cessation…the possibilities are endless!

Virtual Reality has brought a new personal level of interaction to communication and immersion in our lives already, having endless implications in the rapidly evolving digital health space.

We’ve already seen VR’s effective uses for years in training, diagnosing, and treating medical conditions, with examples including exposure therapy, PTSD treatment, pain management, and surgical training. But how might we push these experiences and applications further?

The answers are up to you.

Join the USC Center for Body Computing, USC Institute for Creative Technologies & IEEE Standards Association for an inspiring weekend of brainstorming and building innovative solutions with like-minded engineers, clinicians, designers, developers and business visionaries as we hack medicine and see what extraordinary new possibilities come to life! A $10,000 prize will be awarded.

Submissions at the end of the hackathon will be narrowed down to 4 finalists. The finalists will have 4 more days to continue to hack their solution to the best possible product to be presented to a panel of judges on Thursday October 8th. The winner will be awared the cash prize and added to the Body Computing Conference program as a presenter on Friday October 9th. F