229 – Research Assistant, Interactive Experience with a Holocaust Survivor

Project Name
Interactive Experience with a Holocaust Survivor

Project Description
New Dimensions in Testimony is a joint effort of ICT and the USC Shoah Foundation, intended to create an interactive experience that replicates a live conversation with Holocaust survivors. The project will gather the survivors’ answers to hundreds of questions, recording them using advanced filming technologies which enable 3-D projection using current and future displays, and storing them in a computer database. The project will enable a system that allows individuals to ask questions in conversation, and the survivor will answer from the testimony as if he were in the room, utilizing language understanding technology which allows the computer to find the most appropriate reaction to a user’s utterance.

Job Description
The intern will assist with developing, improving and analyzing the systems. Tasks may include developing questions; running user tests; transcribing user questions; paraphrasing user questions; transcribing survivor statements; linking questions with survivor statements; analysis of authored content and interaction results. The precise tasks will be determined based on the skills and interests of the selected applicant,as well as the demands of the project during the time of the internship.

Preferred Skills

  • Very good spoken and written English (native or near-native competence preferred).
  • General computer operating skills (some programming experience desirable).
  • Experience in one or more of the following: interactive story authoring and design; linguistics, language processing or a related field; museum-based informal education; Holocaust research and survivor testimonies.

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