Project One-Sheets

Download PDF overviews about ICT and select groups and prototypes.

USC Institute for Creative Technologies

CurrentĀ One-Sheets

Bravemind: Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy
Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training
Cognitive/Virtual Human Architecture
Digital Ira
Early Synthetic Prototyping (ESP)
Emergent Leader Immersive Training Environment (ELITE) & ELITE Lite
ELITE Counseling
Immersive Naval Officer Training System (INOTS)
INOTS Counseling
Light Stages
Low-Cost Immersive Viewer
Medical Virtual Reality
Mixed Reality Lab (MxR)
Motivational Interviewing Learning Environment and Simulation (MILES)
Motivational Interviewing Novice Demonstration (MIND)
Multisense and SimSensei
Natural Language Dialogue Group
New Dimensions in Testimony
One World Terrain (OWT)
Personal Assistant for Life Long Learning (PAL3)
Rapid Avatar Generator
REFLCT: A Head Mounted Projector Display
Robotic Support for Capturing Training Performance
Simulated Threat Assessment Trainer (STAT)
Stress Resilience in Virtual Environments (STRIVE)
Stretching Space: Exploiting Change Blindness for Redirected Walking
Terrain 2025: World in a Box
UrbanSim GAAT
USC Standard Patient Hospital
Virtual Acquisition Career Guide (VACG)
Virtual Human Toolkit
Virtual Humans
Virtual Interactive Training Agent for Veterans (VITA4VETS)
Virtual Interview Training Agents(VITA)

ArchivedĀ One-Sheets

Ada and Grace: Responsive Virtual Human Museum Guides
Advanced Prototype Demonstrations
Authoring Realistic Learning Environments with Stories (ARLES) and Narrative Evidence for Author Retrieval (NEAR)
Automatic Analysis of Discourse Structure
Army Excellence in Leadership (AXL)
Bilateral Negotiation Trainer (BiLAT)
Cerebella and Generating Virtual Character Performance from Audio
Coach Mike
Combat Hunter Action and Observation Simulation (CHAOS)
Computational Simulation and Modeling of Society (COSMOS) / Social Intelligence Modeling (SIM)
Dismounted Interactive Counter-IED Environment for Training Overview (DICE-T)
Enhanced Environment for Communication and Collaboration (E2C2)
Game-Based Rehabilitation
Immersive and Cognitive Training Aids
Mobile Counter-IED Interactive Trainer (MCIT)
Naturalistic Avatar Interactions in Virtual Environments
SimCoach for ProQoL
Situated Pedagogical Authoring
Social Simulation
Transitional Online Post-Deployment Soldier Support in Virtual Worlds (TOPSS-VW)
Virtual Patients
Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Assessment Test (VRCPAT)

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