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Research Lead: Paul Debevec

The ICT Graphics Lab develops new techniques for creating and displaying photorealistic computer graphics of people, objects and environments. The Graphics Lab specializes in developing image-based methods for acquiring shape, reflectance and motion from digital photography and video. The results are computer-generated virtual models that look and behave as realistically as possible, viewable from any viewpoint and in any illumination condition. Research areas include image-based lighting and 3D displays. The lab’s Light Stage systems for creating detailed digital doubles have been used in movies including Spider-Man 2 and Avatar, earning the developers an Academy Award.


  • Develop a library of realistic VR objects that can be used in any virtual scene.
  • Continue work on applying real-world lighting to VR objects, including research on color rendition issues.
  • Give VR developers more choices in lighting of objects in a scenario, from scientifically realistic to artistically interpretive, as required.
  • Enhance the learning experience of trainees by giving them a more visually stimulating (and believable) training scenario.