ARL 5 – Research Assistant, Gamification and Wearable Physiological Sensors

Project Name
Gamification and Wearable Physiological Sensors

Project Description
The research project seeks to detect the peripheral physiological impact of a gamified learning task. Our team plans to conduct an experiment where participants have to learn to withhold responses under various gamification point schemes. A specific research question for this work is whether the independent variable of gamification type has a statistical interaction with an individual’s traits and if this is observable in peripheral physiological sensor data. These include continuous heart rate (ECG), impedance cardiograph (ICG), and blood pressure.

Job Description
The research assistant will help run the study, pre- process, and analyze time series data. Internship will be located at ARL West facilities in Playa Vista and/or UC Santa Barbara.

Preferred Skills

  • Experience conducting behavioral studies with human subjects
  • Experience with wearable sensors
  • Experience analyzing continuous time series data
  • Coursework in statistical hypothesis testing and related tools, e.g., SPSS, R, Matlab
  • Programming experience is a plus

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