ARL 4 – Research Assistant, 3D Visualization for Designing View-Dependent Materials & Patterns

Project Name
3D Visualization for Designing View-Dependent Materials & Patterns

Project Description
One of our research areas involves the investigation of how objects are perceived from multiple viewpoints and how these views affect the saliency of those objects. The research includes exploring the use of lighting and object models in the construction of shapes and patterns whose perceived appearance may vary depending on viewing angle. These 3D models will be used to study the visual salience of materials with the view dependent optical characteristics. The goal of the project is to set upper bounds on the desired material properties of view dependent surfaces to support figure ground breaking.

Job Description
The research assistant will create 3D environments with a mix of 2D and 3D elements with different view dependent properties. They may possibly contribute to a publication and presentation of the work at a scientific conference.

Preferred Skills

  • Experience programming in a 3D environment
  • Experience in 3D graphics or 3D animation is a plus
  • A background in optical physics or visual perception is a plus.

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