ARL 2 – Research Assistant, Brain Computer Interface for Quality of Information

Project Name
Brain Computer Interface for Quality of Information

Project Description
The research project will develop data processing and analysis techniques for extracting estimates of viewed image quality from the brain activity of the viewer. Electroencephalography (EEG) data have already been collected from participants monitoring a rapid stream of images with varying levels of objective image quality (i.e. image compression). The research assistant will apply machine learning techniques to develop a classifier that estimates the image compression level from the EEG of the viewer.

Job Description
The research assistant will process the EEG data and apply existing machine learning techniques. The research assistant will develop a document or presentation summarizing the work for possible inclusion in a journal article or presentation at a scientific conference.

Preferred Skills

  • Experience working with noisy data
  • General familiarity with machine learning, especially as applied to BCI Familiarity with at least one computer programming language (MATLAB is preferred, but not necessary)

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