ARL 10 – Programmer, Anonymized Human Injury Database

Project Name
Anonymized Human Injury Database

Project Description
The Anonymized Human Injury Database project will develop a tool for the surveillance, assessment, and investigation of acute injuries. The goal is to develop a database to describe injuries and information on the factors associated with the injury event. The proposed database will provide multiple organizations with the ability to query the database to support the investigation of injury mechanisms and the identification of potential mitigation strategies.

Job Description
The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated student with a background in web-based programming. The student will take the lead in understanding the requirements for the Anonymized Human Injury Database and developing a schema that will satisfy those requirements. The student will develop a password-protected web-based application that will permit the data to be viewed, queried, and exported. The application should also provide a way for new data records to be inserted, allow files to be uploaded and attached to records, and provide a mechanism for allowing any files associated with an individual record to be retrieved. The student will be mentored and supported by a senior web developer at ARL.

Preferred Skills

  • Fluent in one or more web-based scripting languages, such as PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Strong familiarity with one or more database engines, such as MySQL
  • Basic familiarity with web hosting environments
  • Background in modern web-based frameworks and design is a plus

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