344 – Programmer, Immersive Virtual Humans for AR/VR

Project Name
Immersive Virtual Humans for AR/VR

Project Description
The Vision and Graphics lab at ICT pursues research and works in production to perform high quality facial scans for Army training and simulations, as well as for VFX studios and game development companies. Research in how machine learning can be used to aid the creation of such datasets using single images is one of the most recent focuses in the lab. This requires large amounts of data; more than can be achieved using only raw light stage scans. We are currently working on a software to aid both in visualization during the production pipeline as well as for producing images as training data for learning algorithms. The goal is to use diffuse albedo maps to learn the displacement maps. After training, we can synthesize a high quality displacement map given a flat lighting texture map.

Job Description
The intern will assist the lab to develop an end-to-end approach for 3D modeling and rendering using deep neural network-based synthesis and inference techniques. The intern will understand computer vision techniques and have some experience with deep learning algorithms as well as knowledge in rendering, modeling, and image processing. Work may also include researching hybrid tracking of high resolution dynamic facial details and high quality body performance for virtual humans.

Preferred Skills
– C++, Engineering math physics and programming, OpenGL / Direct3D, GLSL / HLSL, Unity3D
– Python, GPU programming, Maya, Octane render, svn/git, strong math skills
– Knowledge in modern rendering pipelines, image processing, rigging

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