338 – Programmer, Virtual Reality Game-based Rehabilitation

Project Name
Virtual Reality Game-based Rehabilitation

Project Description
The Medical Virtual Reality (MedVR) group at ICT is devoted to the study and advancement of uses of virtual reality (VR) simulation technology for clinical purposes. MedVR Lab’s Game-based Rehab Group develops low-cost and home-based VR toolkits for physical therapy. We use gaming technology to help patients rehabilitate.

Job Description
Intern will work on our Mystic Isle project which allows rehab patients to do rehabilitation by playing a motion game that tracks their movements using a Kinect sensor. Interns will interface with therapists and engineers to convert Mystic Isle into a virtual reality application and help support user-centered trials at the Keck School of Medicine.

Preferred Skills
– Experience working with Unity3D or other game frameworks
– Proficiency in C/C++/C# and Microsoft Visual Studio
– Ability to work independently and efficiently under deadlines
– Strong communication and teamwork skills
– Experience working on a VR game
– Familiarity with 3D Max, and/or Maya

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