333 – Research Assistant, Conversations with Heroes and History

Project Name
Conversations with Heroes and History

Project Description
ICT’s time-offset interaction technology allows people to have natural conversations with videos of people who have had extraordinary experiences and learn about events and attitudes in a manner similar to direct interaction with the person. Subjects will be determined at the time of the internship. Previous subjects have included Holocaust and Sexual Assault Survivors and Army Heroes.

Job Description
The intern will assist with developing, improving and analyzing the systems. Tasks may include running user tests; analysis of content and interaction results, and improvements to the systems. The precise tasks will be determined based on the skills and interests of the selected applicant, as well as the demands of the project during the time of the internship.

Preferred Skills
– Very good spoken and written English (native or near-native competence preferred)
– General computer operating skills (some programming experience desirable)
– Experience in one or more of the following:

1. Interactive story authoring & design
2. Linguistics, language processing
3. A related field; museum-based informal education

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