332 – Research Assistant, Virtual Human Dialogue: Game + Social Chat Activities Experiment

Project Name
Virtual Human Dialogue: Game + Social Chat Activities Experiment

Project Description
This project will involve the design of an experiment seeking to demonstrate that social chat can be used to help an automated agent personalize to its user when playing a word guessing game. This will be interesting to interns interested in getting hands on experience with interactive virtual human agents and learning about how to design and conduct experiments to evaluate these types of agents, or students interested in using artificial intelligence for gaming purposes as well as students interested in investigating using psychology theories to motivate agent design decisions. The student will work one-on-one with a PhD student for this project as well as be advised by a Professor.

Job Description
The intern will be exposed and involved in many stages of an experiment intended to evaluate an interactive agent that plays a word-guessing game and participates in a social chat. These stages include data analysis, experiment design, agent implementation, and possibly running participants through the experiment. The intern might also have the opportunity to contribute to a publication (after the internship) depending on the results from the experiment. The intern will conduct data analysis from completed experiments that evaluated social chat design decisions. This analysis will include statistical investigations as well as annotations. The findings from this analysis will help the intern contribute to finalizing design decisions for a new experiment that is investigating the social chat activity’s ability to help an agent personalize to its user. Depending on skills; the intern will also have the opportunity to implement changes to an agent using ICT’s virtual human toolkit. These changes should help the agent perform the social chat activity and personalize the agent’s word-guessing game to a user. The intern may also help run initial participants through this experiment.

Preferred Skills
– Python, Java, SQL
– Statistics, Machine Learning
– Annotation

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