331 – Research Assistant, Human-Robot Dialogue

Project Name
Human-Robot Dialogue

Project Description
ICT has several projects involving applying natural language dialogue technology to physical and simulated robot platforms. Tasks of interest include remote exploration, joint decision-making, social interaction, games, and language learning. Robot platforms include humanoid (e.g. NAO) and non-humanoid flying or ground-based robots

Job Description
This internship involves participating in the development and evaluation of dialogue systems that allow physical robots to interact with people using natural language conversation. The student intern will be involved in one or more of the following activities: 1. Porting language technology to a robot platform, 2. Design of task for human-robot collaborative activities, 3. Programming of robot for such activities, 4. Use of a robot in experimental activities with human subjects, 5. Analysis of experimental human-robot dialogue data.

Preferred Skills
– Experience with one or more of:
– Using and programming robots
– Dialogue systems, computational linguistics
– Multimodal signal processing, machine learning

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