330 – Research Assistant, The Sigma Cognitive Architecture

Project Name
The Sigma Cognitive Architecture

Project Description
This project is developing a cognitive architecture – i.e., a computational hypothesis about the fixed structures underlying a mind – called Sigma that is based on an extension of the elegant but powerful formalism of graphical models, enabling combining both statistical/neural and symbolic aspects. Sigma is built in Lisp, but its core algorithms are in the process of being ported to C. We are looking for someone interested in working with Sigma in one of a number of possible areas, including abduction, attention, episodic memory and neural reinforcement learning.

Job Description
Looking for a student interested in developing, applying, analyzing and/or evaluating new intelligent capabilities in an architectural framework.

Preferred Skills
– Programming (Lisp preferred, but can be learned once arrive)
– Graphical models (experience preferred, but ability to learn quickly is essential)
– Cognitive architectures (experience preferred, but interest is essential)

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