328 – Programmer, Personalized Assistant for Life-Long Learning (PAL3) – AI

Project Name
Personalized Assistant for Life-Long Learning (PAL3) – AI

Project Description
PAL3 is a system for delivering engaging and accessible education via mobile devices. It is designed to provide on-the-job training and support lifelong learning and ongoing assessment. The system features a library of curated training resources containing custom content and pre-existing tutoring systems, tutorial videos and web pages. PAL3 helps learners navigate learning resources through: 1) An embodied pedagogical agent that acts as a guide; 2) A persistent learning record to track what students have done, their level of mastery, and what they need to achieve; 3) A library of educational resources that can include customized intelligent tutoring systems as well as traditional educational materials such as webpages and videos; 4) A recommendation system that suggests library resources for a student based on their learning record; and 5) Game-like mechanisms that create engagement (such as leader-boards and new capabilities that can be unlocked through persistent usage).

Job Description
The goal of the internship will be to expand the repertoire of the system to further enhance learning and engagement. The specific tasks will be determined based on the status of the project at the time of the internship as well as your interests. Possible topics include work with: (1) models driving the dialog systems for PAL3 to support goal-setting, teamwork, or fun/rapport-building; (2) modifying the intelligent tutoring system and how it supports the learner, and (3) statistical analysis, and/or data mining to identify patterns of interactions between human subjects and the intelligent tutoring system. Opportunities will be available to contribute to peer-reviewed publications.

Preferred Skills
– C#, JavaScript/Node.js, Python, R
– Dialog Systems, Basic AI Programming, or Statistics
– Strong interest in intelligent agents, human and virtual behavior, and social cognition

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