327 – Programmer, SMART-E: Service for Measurement and Adaptation to Real-Time Engagement

Project Name
SMART-E: Service for Measurement and Adaptation to Real-Time Engagement

Project Description
The vision behind this work is a toolkit that generalizes metrics and interventions to constantly monitor and optimize engagement and learning in virtual environments. The toolkit will continuously measure the experiences of learners as they interact with virtual learning environments, such as intelligent tutoring systems (ITS). This toolkit for assessing engagement will systematically analyze engagement data to provide insights that improve a target training system along multiple dimensions of engagement that range from short term cognitive improvement to long-term identity formation as a professional on the training topic. Engagement is critical for Army training because lack of engagement results in lower learning, engagement predicts persistence and dropout , and engagement is actionable and can be induced through interventions.

Job Description
The goal of the internship will be to expand the repertoire of the system to further enhance learning and engagement. The specific tasks will be determined based on the status of the project at the time of the internship as well as your interests. Possible topics include work with: (1) machine learning for intelligent tutoring systems and how it supports the learner, and (2) models driving the virtual human utterances and behaviors, and (3) emotion coding, statistical analysis, and/or data mining to identify patterns of interactions between human subjects and the intelligent tutoring system. Opportunities will be available to contribute to peer-reviewed publications.

Preferred Skills
– Python, JavaScript, C#
– Basic AI Programming or Statistics
– Strong interest in human and virtual behavior and cognition

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