326 – Programmer, Integrated Virtual Humans Programmer

Project Name
Integrated Virtual Humans

Project Description
The Integrated Virtual Humans project (IVH) seeks to create a wide range of virtual humans systems by combining various research efforts within USC and ICT into a general Virtual Human Architecture. These virtual humans range from relatively simple, statistics based question/answer characters, to advanced, cognitive agents that are able to reason about themselves and the world they inhabit. Our virtual humans can engage with real humans and each other, both verbally and non-verbally, i.e. they are able to hear you, see you, use body language, talk to you, and think about whether or not they like you. The Virtual Humans research at ICT is widely considered one of the most advanced in its field and brings together a variety of research areas, including natural language processing, nonverbal behavior, vision perception and understanding, task modeling, emotion modeling, information retrieval, knowledge representation, and speech recognition.

Job Description
IVH seeks an enthusiastic, self-motivated, programmer to help further advance and iterate on the Virtual Human Toolkit. Additionally, the intern selected will research and develop potential tools to be used in the creation of virtual humans. Working within IVH requires a solid understanding of general software engineering principles and distributed architectures. The work touches on a variety of Computer Science areas, including Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction. Given the scope of the Virtual Humans Architecture, the ability to quickly learn how to use existing components and develop new ones is essential.

Preferred Skills

  • Fluent in C++, C#, or Java
  • Fluent in one or more scripting languages, such as Python, TCL, LUA, or PHP
  • Experience with Unity
  • Excellent general computer skills
  • Background in Artificial Intelligence is a plus

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