310 – Research Assistant, Virtual Human Interviewer

Project Name
Virtual Human Interviewer

Project Description
Would you tell a computer something you wouldn’t tell another person? Our research finds that people are more comfortable talking with a virtual human interviewer than a real human interviewer. This happens in a variety of contexts: interviewing about mental health, financial status, and even when people are learning how to negotiate. Next we need to understand the boundary conditions (when and for whom does this happen). For example, it might only occur because particularly people fear being judged in these contexts. Or mostly among people who do feel concerned about other people. This research will address these important questions to help better use technology to let people talk about things they wouldn’t tell other people.

Job Description
The research assistant will work side by side with lead researchers on this project. They will help to design and implement the next steps in this research project with direct collaboration with the lead researchers. With guidance from our research staff, they will also help to run the study and also work with the team to learn how to process and analyze the data. If appropriate, students will also be actively involved in manuscript writing for this research project.

Preferred Skills

  • Experimental design
  • Running user studies
  • Computer-human or computer-mediated interaction

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