300 – Research Assistant, Data-Driven Multiagent Modeling of Human Behavior/OpenMind project

Project Name
Data-Driven Multiagent Modeling of Human Behavior/OpenMind

Project Description
The Social Simulation Lab works on modeling and simulation of social systems from small group to societal level interactions, as well as data-driven approaches to validating these models. Our approach to simulation relies on multiagent techniques where autonomous, goal-driven agents are used to model the entities in the simulation, whether individuals, groups, organizations, etc.

Job Description
The research assistant will investigate automated methods for building agent-based models of human behavior. The core of the task will be developing and implementing algorithms that can analyze human behavior data and find a decision-theoretic model (or models) that best matches that data. The task will also involve using those models in simulation to further validate their potential predictive power.

Preferred Skills

  • Knowledge of multi-agent systems, especially decision-theoretic models like POMDPs.
  • Experience with Python programming.

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