297 – Research Assistant, Natural Language Dialogue Processing for Virtual Humans

Project Name
Natural Language Dialogue Processing for Virtual Humans

Project Description
ICT is developing artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to allow virtual humans to engage in spoken and face to face interactions with people for a variety of purposes, including training of conversational tasks with virtual role-players. Current research areas include, embodied dialogue, socio-cultural & affective dialogue, meta-dialogue, and topic switching, casual chat dialogue, dialogue architectures, computational theories of dialogue g enres, evaluation of dialogue systems, and dialogue authoring.

Job Description
The student intern will work with the Natural language research group (including Professors, other professional researchers, and students) to advance one or more of the research areas described above. If the student has a particular goal or related work at their home institution they should briefly describe this in the application letter.

Preferred Skills

  • Some familiarity with dialogue systems or natural language dialogue
  • Either programming ability or experience with statistical methods and data analysis
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a collaborative environment

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