288 – Programmer, Virtual Acquisition Career Guide

Project Name
Virtual Acquisition Career Guide (VCG)

Project Description
The project is composed of a base phase and option phase – the base phase will develop a prototype VCG that is loosely integrated with existing USAASC systems. It will be made available to USAASC personnel and selected ALTWF members for testing and demonstration but will not be accessible to the broader acquisition community. Should the government opt for the follow-on effort, the final VCG will be tightly integrated with existing USAASC systems and deployed for widespread use by the ALTWF. For the base phase, the development of an ALTWF VCG consists of two primary technical efforts: 1) the design and development of a virtual guide that interacts with users in the contracting career field, specifically on the topic of certification management; and 2) initial integration with the existing ALTWF Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP) and Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System (CAPMIIS). The VCG will be built with the University of Southern California – Institute for Creative Technology’s (USC – ICT) SimCoach technology platform. The SimCoach platform combines a web delivered virtual human with a comprehensive set of web-based tools for content creation. The proposed ALTWF VCG system will be fully persistent, maintaining a record of users’ career information as well as a record of previous interactions with the VCG. For the option phase, the focus will be on hardening the system to: 1) support large numbers of simultaneous users; 2) tight and robust integration with CAPPMIS; 3) expanding the dialogue base to handle large variations in user interactions; and 4) deploying the system for widespread use by the acquisition community. In addition to these tasks, an operations and maintenance (O&M) plan will be put into place that details the requirements for sustaining the VCG after the contract has ended.

Job Description
Work on Language recognition, FAQs, Bugs, and general improvements needed on Sim Cao

Preferred Skills

  • Full-stack
  • JSON, Java
  • Web services – AWS

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