287 – Programmer, Graphic Programmer Internship

Project Name
Terrain Mod 10

Project Description
USC-ICT will research and develop a proof-of-concept capability for the ingestion, processing, storage, rendering and simulation of alternative sources of geo-referenced terrain data in next-generation game platform(s). Example data sources include elevation data, vegetation indices, commercial satellite imagery, social media, point clouds, buildings & surface features, roads, subterranean, and cultural features. From this source data, 3D models, materials, textures and features are algorithmically classified and imported into one or more game-based simulation environments. The goal is to procedurally convert, store and use this data in a platform that may serve as the foundation for future Army synthetic training.

Job Description
Work on Photogrammetry pipeline as assigned. Work on delineating and modeling objects and tagging objects in the environment. Help bring models into game engines and automate conversion and processing pipeline. Create Terrains in game engines from images and point cloud data.

Preferred Skills

  • Photogrammetry and Procedural Model creation
  • Game engines (Unity, UE, or others)
  • Knowledge of flying UAS and autopilot programs (desirable)
  • Point cloud data processing

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